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The instinct of the reasonable observer is that organic changes of this sort somehow absolve the sufferer of the responsibility that would accrue to a child abuser whose paedophilia was congenital. The chances are that the latter tendency is just as traceable to brain mechanics as the former; it is merely that no one has yet looked.

Scientists have looked at anger and violence, though, and discovered genetic variations, expressed as concentrations of a particular messenger molecule in the brain, that are both congenital and predisposing to a violent temper. in nature – no amount of “free will” can cure you of schizophrenia, or Huntington’s, or ALS – we should also not assume that every brain disease is equally deterministic.

City San Francisco, Contrasto, 20; Top 10 San Francisco.

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There are two main reasons why I’m not ready to give up on free will. One of the great themes of modern neuroscience is the malleability of the mind.

While a genetic program specifies the gross anatomy of our brain, the all important details are determined by experience.

When you join a casual and comfortable atmosphere it gets much simpler to socialize and communicate.

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