Prevent backdating

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Money obtained through Housing Benefit fraud takes funds away from our schools, hospitals, housing and roads.

The cost involved in dealing with fraud could be used to provide improvements in other public services.

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If you are claiming housing benefit, you must tell us about any change in your circumstance that may affect your housing benefit entitlement.

It is in your interest to report all changes that could affect your benefit immediately the change occurs.

To prevent fraud and error getting into the housing benefit system, we periodically check that our customers are receiving the right amount of benefit.

We review customers claims throughout the year, to identify unreported changes in circumstances.

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Telephone Allowance Applicants aged 70 or over Applicants in receipt of full time Carer's Allowance should note that from the 1 April 2012, you must be living with the person that you are getting full time Carer’s Allowance for.

Measures introduced to prevent and detect fraud may inconvenience those with a genuine entitlement to benefit and may mean it takes longer to deal with all claims.

The Housing Executive is fully committed to trying to stop fraudulent claims from the outset.

a) Electricity Allowance The Electricity Allowance provides cash credit of €35.00 monthly on the bill.

An eligible person can only be in receipt of one of the four options at any given time.

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