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Despite Ledger's demons, Watts remembered him fondly."We had a beautiful relationship, only a couple of years, but he was a man who was completely full of joy, and there was a lot of laughing and affection," she said.Watts, who's now with actor Live Schreiber, went on, "He was really a very special soul and made a great impact on my life.And a great actor, but I know there was so much more to come.Although she has a concert scheduled for Thursday at the O2 Arena in London, there is a good chance it will be cancelled.She appears to be shallow due to her rich and popular status, but gradually reveals more depth.As we reported, at least 19 are dead after an explosion went off at Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester, England.As of this writing, authorities are treating the attack as a "terrorist incident." Related: Celebs React To The Manchester Attack According to sources, the singer is "in hysterics" regarding the situation, especially over the fact that young people went out to see her perform.

The ocean metaphors strengthen the storytelling but never overwhelm it, and there is one particularly profound scene when Watts and Wright's granddaughters are lifted out of the very water that pulled them under and destroyed them.The premise is disturbing and unrealistic but a major strength of the film is that the characters' actions feel believable and understandable: but never condoned or really condemned.We are given such insight into their island-like community, their lifestyles, their dynamics and their psyches that it's perfectly clear why they fall into these simultaneously symbiotic and parasitic relationships.One summer, all four are confronted by simmering emotions that have been mounting between them, and each find unexpected happiness in relationships that cross the bounds of convention.A fascinating, intellectual and profound exploration of the psyches of four uniquely damaged characters: two boys who never quite left the womb, growing up in a small and affluent community far removed from reality, with one father figure MIA, the other passive and disconnected, and only their mothers for comfort and company; and two women, who never conquered their fears of aging or their struggles with self-esteem and sexual confidence, and whose intimate love for each other and need to feel young and desired manifest themselves in dangerous liaisons with each other's sons.

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Hong Ji Young Hong Jin Hee Hong Jin Kyung Hong Jin Young Hong Ri Na Hong Seo Young Hong So Hee Hong Soo Ah Hong Soo Hyun Hong Sung Sook Hong Yeo Jin Hong Yoon Hwa Horan Hwang Bo Ra Hwang Chae Won Hwang Eun Hye Hwang Eun Jung Hwang Geum Hee Hwang Hyo Eun Hwang In Young Hwang Ji Hyun Hwang Ji Ni Hwang Jung Eum Hwang Jung Min Hwang Mi Sun Hwang Seung Eon Hwang Shin Hye Hwang So Hee Hwang Soo Jung Hwang Suk Jung Hwang Sun Hee Hwang Woo Seul Hye Hwang Young Hee Hyang Suk Hyeri Hye Jung Hyo Min Hyo Rin Hyun Jyu Ni Hyun Seung Min Hyun Young Hyunyoung (Rainbow) I Im Chae Won Im Do Yun Im Eun Hye Im Eun Kyung Im Hwa Young Im Hye Young Im Ji Eun Im Ji Hyun Im Ji Yun Im Joo Eun Im Jung Eun Im Se Mi Im Seo Yeon Im Shi Eun Im Soo Hyang Im Soo Hyun Im Soo Jung Im Sung Min Im Sung Uhn Im Yae Won Im Ye Jin Im Yoon Ah Im Yoon Jung J Jang Ah Young Jang Da Yun Jang Eun Ah Jang Hee Jin Jang Hee Jung Jang Hee Ryung Jang Hee Soo Jang Ja Yun Jang Ji Eun Jang Jin Young Jang Joon Yoo Jang Jung Hee Jang Kyung Ah Jang Liu Jang Mi Hee Jang Mi In Ae Jang Nara Jang Seo Hee (1972) Jang Seo Hee (2006) Jang Seo Kyung Jang Shin Young Jang So Yun Jang Ye Seul Jang Yoon Seo Jang Young Nam Jang Young Ran Jei Jeon Hye Bin Jeon Ji Hyun Jeon Yeong Mi Jessica Jung Ji Ha Yoon Ji Joo Yun Ji Seo Yoon Ji So Yun Ji Soo Won Ji Woo Ji Yi Soo Ji Yoo Jin Bo Ra Jin Hee Kyung Jin Hye Won Jin Jae Young Jin Ji Hee Jin Ki Joo Jin Kyung Jin Se Yun Jin Seo Yun Jin Ye Sol Jo An Jo Bo Ah Jo Eun Ji Jo Eun Sook Jo Ha Rang Jo Hyang Ki Jo Hye Jung Jo Hye Ryun Jo Hye Sun Jo Jung Eun Jo Kyung Sook Jo Mi Ryung Jo Min Ah Jo Min Soo Jo Seung Hee Jo Soo Hyang Jo Soo Hyun Jo Soo Min Jo Woo Ri Jo Yang Ja Jo Yeo Jung Jo Yi Jin Jo Yoon Hee JOO @ Jung Min Joo Joo Da Young Joo Hye Rin Joo Min Ha Joon Hyung Joy Jubi Jun Do Yeon Jun Hye Jin (1976) Jun Hye Jin (1988) Jun Hyo Sung Jun In Hwa Jun Ji Ae Jun Ji An Jun Mi Sun Jun Min Seo Jun Se Yun Jun So Min Jun Soo Jin Jun Soo Kyung Jun Won Joo Jun Yang Ja Jun Ye Seo Jun Yoo Rim Jung Ae Ri Jung Ae Yun Jung Ah In Jung Ah Mi Jung Chan Bi Jung Da Bin (1980) Jung Da Bin (2000) Jung Da Hye (1985) Jung Da Hye (1987) Jung Da Sol Jung Da Young Jung Eun Byul Jung Eun Chae Jung Eun Ji Jung Eun Joo Jung Ga Eun Jung Hae Na Jung Han Bi Jung Hye In Jung Hye Mi Jung Hye Sun Jung Hye Sung Jung Hye Won Jung Hye Young Jung In Seo Jung In Sun Jung Jae Eun Jung Jae Soon Jung Ji Ah Jung Ji Ahn Jung Ji In Jung Ji Yoon Jung Joo Eun Jung Joo Hee Jung Joo Ri Jung Joo Yun Jung Kyung Soon Jung Min Ah Jung Min Joo Jung Ryu Won Jung Seung Ah Jung Shi Yun Jung Si Ah Jung So Hee Jung So Min Jung So Nyu Jung So Young Jung Soo In Jung Soo Young Jung Sun Kyung Jung Sung Ah Jung Yang Jung Ye Ji Jung Yeon Joo Jung Yi Rang Jung Yi Yun Jung Yoo Jin Jung Yoo Mi (Year 1983) Jung Yoo Mi (Year 1984) Jung Yoo Min Jung Yoon Hye Jung Yoon Jo Jung Yoon Sun Jung Young Sook K Kal So Won Kan Mi Youn Kang Boo Ja Kang Byul Kang Chan Yang Kang Cho Hee Kang Eun Ah Kang Eun Bi Kang Gureum Kang Han Na Kang Hye Jung Kang Hyun Jung Kang Ji Woo Kang Ji Young Kang Joo Eun Kang Jung Hwa Kang Ki Hwa Kang Kyung Hun Kang Min Ah Kang Min Kyung Kang Moon Young Kang Rae Yun Kang Seo Yun Kang Seung Hyun Kang So Ra Kang Soo Jin Kang Sung Mi Kang Sung Yun Kang Ye Bin Kang Ye Seo Kang Ye Sol Kang Ye Won Kang Yoo Mi Ki Eun Se Kim Ae Kyung Kim Ae Ran Kim Ah Joong Kim Ah Young Kim Bin Woo Kim Bo Jung Kim Bo Kyung Kim Bo Mi (1987) Kim Bo Mi (1958) Kim Bo Ra Kim Bo Yun Kim Boo Sun Kim Chae Bin Kim Chae Eun Kim Chae Yun Kim Chang Sook Kim Chung Kim Da In Kim Da Ye Kim Dan Woo Kim Do Yun (1966) Kim Do Yun (1978) Kim Dong Joo Kim Eul Dong Kim Eun Jung Kim Eun Soo Kim Ga Eun Kim Ga Eun (May/1989) Kim Ga Young Kim Ga Yun Kim Go Eun (1991) Kim Go Eun (2001) Kim Gyeo Wool Kim Gyu Sun Kim Ha Eun Kim Ha Neul Kim Ha Rin Kim Ha Yoo Kim Ha Yoon Kim Hae In Kim Hae Rim Kim Hae Sook Kim Hee Kim Hee Ae Kim Hee Jung (1970) Kim Hee Jung (1992) Kim Hee Ryung Kim Hee Sun Kim Ho Jung Kim Hwan Hee Kim Hyang Gi Kim Hye Eun Kim Hye In Kim Hye Ja Kim Hye 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Kim Ye Rang Kim Ye Rim Kim Ye Ryung Kim Ye Won (year 1997) Kim Ye Won (year 1989) Kim Ye Won (year 1987) Kim Yeo Jin Kim Yeon Joo Kim Yeon Seo Kim Yong Rim Kim Yoo Bin Kim Yoo Hyun Kim Yoo Jung Kim Yoo Mi (1979) Kim Yoo Mi (1990) Kim Yoo Ri Kim Yoon Hee Kim Yoon Hye Kim Yoon Kyung Kim Yoon Seo Kim Young Ae (1951) Kim Young Ae (1980) Kim Young Ok Kim Young Ran Kim Young Sun Kim Yu Bin Kim Yul Koo Hye Sun Krystal Jung Kwak Hyun Hwa Kwak Ji Hye Kwak Ji Min Kwon Eun Ah Kwon Eun Soo Kwon Jae Hee Kwon Ki Sun Kwon Min Ah Kwon Na Ra Kwon Soo Jung Kwon Yu Ri Kyun Mi Ri Kyung In Sun Kyung Soo Jin L Lady Jane Lee Ah Hyun Lee Ah Jin Lee Ah Rin Lee Ah Yi Lee Bit Na Lee Bo Hee Lee Bo Young Lee Bon Lee Bong Ryung Lee Chae Eun Lee Chae Mi Lee Chae Young Lee Chan Joo Lee Cho Hee Lee Chung Ah Lee Chung Mi Lee Da Hae Lee Da Hee Lee Da In (1985) Lee Da In (1992) Lee Da Jin Lee Do Ah Lee Do Yun (1985) Lee Do Yun (2006) Lee Duk Hee Lee El Lee Elliya Lee Eon Jeong Lee Eui Jung Lee Eun Lee Eun Joo Lee Eun Jung Lee Eun Song Lee Eun Woo Lee Eung Kyung Lee Ga Hyun Lee Ga Ryung Lee Go Eun Lee Ha Eun Lee Ha Na Lee Ha Nui Lee Hae In (1986) Lee Hae In (1994) Lee Han Na Lee Han Seo Lee Hang Na Lee Hee Jin Lee Ho Jung Lee Hwa Young Lee Hwi Hyang Lee Hye Eun Lee Hye In Lee Hye Sook Lee Hye Young (year 1962) Lee Hye Young (year 1971) Lee Hyo Choon Lee Hyo Ri Lee Hyun Kyung Lee Il Hwa Lee In Hye Lee Ja In Lee Ja Min Lee Ja Young Lee Jae Eun Lee Jang Kyung Lee Ji Ah Lee Ji Eun @ IU Lee Ji Eun (1999) Lee Ji Hyun (1984) Lee Ji Hyun (1983) Lee Ji Soo Lee Ji Won Lee Ji Woo (2002) Lee Ji Woo (2006) Lee Jin Lee Jin Ah Lee Jin Yi Lee Jong Nam Lee Joo Hwa Lee Joo Shil Lee Joo Woo Lee Joo Yeon (1987) Lee Joo Yeon (2002) Lee Joo Young Lee Jung Eun (1970) Lee Jung Eun (1973) Lee Jung Hyun Lee Jung Min Lee Kan Hee Lee Kyu Jung Lee Kyung Jin Lee Kyung Shil Lee Kyung Shim Lee Mae Ri Lee Mi Do Lee Mi Mi Lee Mi So Lee Mi Sook Lee Mi Yeon Lee Mi Young (1961) Lee Mi Young (1964) Lee Min Ji (1988) Lee Min Ji (1984) Lee Min Ji (みんじ) Lee Min Jung Lee Min Young Lee Moon Hee Lee Moon Jung Lee Na Eun Lee Na Yoon Lee Na Young Lee Re Lee Sang Ah Lee Sang Mi Lee Sang Sook Lee Se Eun Lee Se Na Lee Se Rang Lee Se Young (1992) Lee Se Young (1989) Lee Seo Yoon Lee Seo Yun Lee Seol Ah Lee Seol Hee Lee Seon Jin Lee Seul Ah Lee Seung Ah Lee Seung Min Lee Seung Yeon (1991) Lee Seung Yeon (1977) Lee Seung Yeon (1968) Lee Shi Ah Lee Shi Eun Lee Shi Won Lee Si Young Lee So Jung Lee So Yeon Lee So Yun Lee Soo Ji Lee Soo Jin Lee Soo Kyung (1982) Lee Soo Kyung (1996) Lee Soo Min (1984) Lee Soo Min (2001) Lee Soo Young Lee Sook Lee Soon Kyu Lee Sun Ah Lee Sun Bin Lee Sung Kyung Lee Sung Min (Clara) Lee Tae Im Lee Tae Kyung Lee Tae Ran Lee Ye Eun (2007) Lee Ye Eun (2001) Lee Ye Eun (1989) Lee Ye Sun Lee Yeon Doo Lee Yeon Hee Lee Yeon Joo Lee Yeon Soo Lee Yo Won Lee Yong Lee Lee Yong Nyeo Lee Yong Yi Lee Yoo Bi Lee Yoo Jin (1977) Lee Yoo Jung Lee Yoo Ri Lee Yoo Young Lee Yoon Ji Lee Yoon Mi Lee Yoon Sung Lee Young Ae Lee Young Ah Lee Young Eun (1982) Lee Young Eun (2004) Lee Young Ja Lee Young Jin Lee Young Ran Lee Young Sook Lee Young Yoo Lee Yul Eum Lee Yun Kyung Lina Lizzy Luna M Maeng Seung Ji Maya May Bee Mi Ram Min Ah Min Ah Ryung Min Do Hee Min Hyo Rin Min Ji Min Ji Ah Min Ji Hyun Min Ji Oh Min Ji Young Min Song Ah Min Young Won Moo Ri Yoo Moon Bo Ryung Moon Chae Won Moon Ga Young Moon Geun Young Moon Hee Kyung Moon Ji In Moon Jung Hee Moon So Ri Mun Young Mi Myung Ji Yun Myung Se Bin N Na Hae Ryung Na Hye Jin Na Hye Mi Na Hyun Joo Na Moon Hee Na Seul Gi Na Ya Na Young Hee Nah Eun Kyeong Nahyun Nam Bo Ra Nam Gyu Ri Nam Hyun Joo Nam Ji Hyun (1990) Nam Ji Hyun (1995) Nam Jung Hee Nam Ki Ae Nam Neung Mi Nam Sang Mi Nam Yoon Jung Nana Narsha / Park Hyo Jin Nicole Jung No Eul Noh Haeng Ha Noh Hee Ji Noh Hyun Hee Noh Jung Ui Noh Kyung Joo Noh Soo Ram Noh Susanna O Oh Ah Rin Oh Cho Hee Oh Eun Ho Oh Hyun Kyung Oh Ji Eun Oh Ji Hye Oh Ji Young Oh Joo Eun Oh Jung Yun Oh Mi Hee Oh Mi Yun Oh Na Mi Oh Na Ra Oh Se Jung Oh Seung Ah Oh Seung Eun Oh Seung Hyun Oh Sol Mi Oh Soo Min Oh Yeon Ah Oh Yeon Seo Oh Yoon Ah Oh Yoon Hong Oh Young Shil Oh Yun Soo Ok Ji Young Ok Joo Hyun On Jo P Park Ah In Park Bo Young Park Chae Kyung Park Cho Rong Park Da An Park Eun Bin Park Eun Hye Park Eun Ji Park Ga Won (1985) Park Ga Won (1991) Park Gri Na Park Gyu Ri Park Ha Na Park Ha Sun Park Ha Yi Park Ha Young Park Hae Mi Park Han Byul Park Hee Bon Park Hee Jin Park Hwan Hee Park Hye Jin Park Hye Soo Park Hye Sook Park Hye Won Park Hyo Bin Park Hyo Joo Park Hyun Sook Park Ji So Park Ji Soo Park Ji Yeon Park Ji Yoon Park Ji Young Park Jin Hee Park Jin Joo Park Joo Ah Park Joo Hee Park Joo Mi Park Joon Geum Park Joon Myun Park Jung Ah Park Jung Soo Park Jung Sook Park Jung Yoon Park Kahi Park Kyung Hye Park Kyung Rim Park Lydia Park Mi Sun Park Min Ha (2007) Park Min Ha (1991) Park Min Ji Park Min Young Park Sae Byul Park Se Wan Park Se Young Park Seo Hyun Park Seo Yun (1987) Park Seo Yun (2002) Park Seul Gi Park Shi Eun Park Shin Ah Park Shin Hye Park Si Eun Park Si Yeon Park So Dam Park So Hyun Park So Jin Park So Jung Park So Yeon Park So Young Park Sol Mi Park Soo In Park Soo Jin Park Soon Chun Park Sun Hee Park Sun Young Park Tae In Park Tam Hee Park Won Sook Park Ye Jin Park Ye Joo Park Yeon Soo Park Yoo Na Pyo Ye Jin Q Qri R Ra Mi Ran Ray Yang Ryu Da Young Ryu Hwa Young Ryu Hye Rin Ryu Hye Young Ryu Hyo Young Ryu Hyun Kyung Ryu Shi Hyun Ryu Won S Sa Hee Sa Hyun Jin Sa Kang Sa Mi Ja Sandara Park SAT Kim Eun Sun Seo Eun Ah Seo Eun Chae Seo Eun Su Seo Ga Eun Seo Ha Seo Hye Jin Seo Hye Rin Seo Hyo Rim Seo Hyun Jin Seo In Young Seo Ji Hee Seo Ji Hye Seo Ji Seung Seo Ji Yeon Seo Ji Young Seo Joo Hee Seo Jung Yun Seo Kap Sook Seo Kwon Soon Seo Min Ji Seo Shin Ae Seo Woo Seo Woo Rim Seo Ye Ji Seo Yeong Seo Yi Ahn Seo Yi Sook Seo Yoo Jung Seo Yoo Ri Seo Yoon Ah Seo Young Hee Seohyun Seol In Ah Seol Ji Yoon Seol Yoon Seung Hyo Bin Shannon Shim Eun Jin Shim Eun Kyung Shim Eun Woo Shim Hye Jin Shim Jin Hwa Shim Min Shim Yi Young Shin Ae Shin Ae Ra Shin Bi Shin Bo Ra Shin Bong Sun Shin Da Eun Shin Dong Mi Shin Eun Gyung Shin Eun Jung Shin Eun Soo Shin Ha Yun Shin Hye Sun Shin Hyun Bin Shin Ji Soo Shin Joo Ah Shin Min Ah Shin Rin Ah Shin Se Hwi Shin Se Kyung Shin Shin Ae Shin So Mi Shin So Yool Shin Soo Jung Shin Soo Yun Shin Yi Shin Yi Joon Shin Yoon Joo Shin Young Jin Shin Yun Sook So Hee Jung So Yi Hyun So Yoo Jin Sol Bi Solar Son Dam Bi Son Eun Seo Son Ga Young Son Hee Soon Son Hwa Ryung Son Jung Min Son Na Eun Son San Son Se Bin Son Soo Hyun Son Sook Son Sung Yoon Son Tae Young Son Yeh Jin Son Yeo Eun Song Ah Young Song Bo Eun Song Chae Hwan Song Eun Hye Song Ha Yoon Song Hae Na Song Hye Gyo Song In Hwa Song Ji Eun (1981) Song Ji Eun (1990) Song Ji Hyo Song Ji In Song Joo Yeon Song Min Ji Song Min Jung Song Ok Sook Song Soo Hyun Song Sun Mi Song Yi Woo Song Yoo Jung Song Yoon Ah Soo Ae Soy Stephanie Kim Stephanie Lee Suh Ji Young Suh Seung Hyun Sun Woo Sun Woo Eun Sook Sun Woo Sun Sun Woo Yong Nyeo Sung Byung Sook Sung Eun Sung Hyun Ah Sung Hyun Joo Sung Yu Ri T Tae Mi Tiffany Hwang U UEE Uhm Hyun Kyung Uhm Ji Won Uhm Jung Hwa Uhm Soo Jung Uhm Yoo Shin W Wang Bit Na Wang Hee Ji Wang Ji Hye Wang Ji Won Won Jong Rye Won Mi Kyung Woo Hee Jin Woo Hyun Joo Y Yang Geum Suk Yang Hae Rim Yang Hee Kyung Yang Ji Won Yang Jin Sung Yang Jung Ah Yang Mi Kyung Yang Mi Ra Ye Ji Won Ye Seo Jin Ye Soo Jung Yeo Ji Hyo Yeo Min Joo Yeo Woon Kye Yerin Yoo Ah Ra Yoo Chae Young Yoo Da In Yoo Eun Ho Yoo Eun Mi Yoo Ha Na Yoo Hae Jung Yoo Ho Jung Yoo Ho Rin Yoo Hye In Yoo Hye Jung Yoo Hye Ri Yoo In Na Yoo In Young Yoo Ji In Yoo Ji Yun Yoo Joo Hye Yoo Jung Rae Yoo Kyung Ah Yoo Min Yoo Pil Ran Yoo Ra Yoo Ri Kyung Yoo Sa Ra Yoo Se Rye Yoo Seo Jin Yoo Seol Ah Yoo Seung Ok Yoo So Young Yoo Sun Yoo Sung Eun Yoo Yeon Mi Yoo Young Yoo Yun Ji Yook Mi Ra Yoon Ah Jung Yoon Bo Mi Yoon Bo Ra Yoon Bok In Yoon Chae Yi Yoon Da Kyung Yoon Eun Hye Yoon Hae Young Yoon Hee Joo Yoon Hye Kyung Yoon Hyun Sook Yoon Ji Eun Yoon Ji Hye Yoon Ji Min Yoon Ji Sook Yoon Ji Won Yoon Jin Seo Yoon Jin Sol Yoon Jin Yi Yoon Joo Hee Yoon Jung Eun Yoon Jung Hee Yoon Mi Ra Yoon Mi So Yoon Se Ah Yoon Se In Yoon Seo Yoon Seung Ah Yoon So Hee Yoon So Jung Yoon So Yi Yoon Son Ha Yoon Song Yi Yoon Soo Yoon Suk Hwa Yoon Ye Hee Yoon Ye Joo Yoon Ye Ri Yoon Yeo Jung Yoon Yoo Sun Yoon Young Ah Yoon Young Joo Younha Yum Hye Ran Yum Ji Yoon Yum Ji Young Yum Jung Ah Yun Mi Joo Yun Woon Kyung Yuna Z Z.

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