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Furniture crafted in the Queen Anne style dates from the 1720s to approximately 1750 in England, although the ruler it is named after died in 1714.

In the United States production ran longer, right up to 1800 or so.

Among the most legendary are the Fabergé thimbles from the 19th century.

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I recently bought a collection of cowboy / western gear – it’s always intriguing to wonder how it ended up here in the south west of England. “To the purchaser of these cowboy reins, stirrups and spurs.

The army regularly used horses right up until the end of the second world war.

However, in the not-so-distant past the saying could be taken much more literally.

At first blush, a thimble would appear to have little prospect of being anything more than a functional object designed to make hand stitching an easier, and safer, activity.

Thimbles are small, so they leave scant space for embellishment, and their working end is almost always pocked and pitted.

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